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August 11 SWC Board Meeting, Sherman Oaks
August 13/14 South Bay KC, Torrance (2)
August 26 Simi Valley KC, Santa Barbara
August 27/28 Santa Barbara KC, Santa Barbara (2)
August 29 Los Encinos KC, Santa Barbara
September 8 SWC Membership Meeting, Sherman Oaks
September 10/11 Santa Ana Valley KC, Costa Mesa (2)
Setmeber 24/25 San Luis Obispo KC, Paso Robles (2)


Thursday – August 11, 2016

Marie Callendar’s Restaurant, 14743 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

Dinner 7:00pm – Meeting 8:00pm


As in the previous years, we held back to back Specalties again this year, on Thurday June 30, 2016, along with an Obedience & Rally Trial at Seaside Park in Ventura, CA. Our Specialties were in conjunction with the WCA Western Futurity/Maturity and 3 All-Breed shows.  This gave us 5 shows in 4 days for major points everyday! The weather was in the 70’s with a cool ocean breeze, as the show grounds are located right on the coastline of the Pacific Coast. Our breed judge for the morning Specialty was Mr. Carl Liepmann from Flushing, MI and the afternoon Specialty judge was Nancy Liebes from New Castle, IN. Our Obedience-Rally judge was Ms. Gina Grissom from Downey, CA and the Sweepstakes judge was Ms. Leita Estes of Rinar, VA.

A delicious PotLuck Lunch was enjoyed between the 2 Specialties by the many exhibitors and friends who donated their favorite dish. On Friday morning in conjunction with the Ventura County DFA show, the WCA Western Futurity & Maturity was judged by Mr. Eugene Blake of Tulsa, OK. Friday afternoon following regular Weimaraner judging, SWC hosted a Buffet luncheon where the Futurity & Maturity Pewter Dogs and Plaques were awarded to the deserving Winners.

Many thanks to the Club members who donated their time and effort to help make this a successful event. Rachel Aguilar (Specialty Show Chairman, Ribbons), Jo-Ann Rosenberg (Hospitality Chairperson), John & Maureen Duffy (Hospitality), Jo-Ann Rosenberg  &  Dona Tanaka (Trophies, also solicited for Donors), Bob Margolis, Walt Freshour, Dona Tanaka, Gil Aguilar, Keith Pautz & Lou D’Alessandro (Grounds set up), Vickie Margolis, Rachel Aguilar & Dona Tanaka (trophy ring set up), Joan Valdez (Futurity/Maturity Chairperson, Supported entry trophies), John Duffy (50/50 raffle), Linda Millstone (Chief Ring steward), Walt Freshour & Bob Margolis (Hospitality Motor Homes) and show photos taken by photograper Kitten Rodwell.  A Special Thanks to Dr. Brad & Jo-Ann Rosenberg, who donated the Rosettes for first, second, third and fourth placement in each class, as well as for the Best Dog and Best Bitch in Futurity and Maturity! .Also, Special thanks to Rachel Aguilar, our Specialty Show Chairman, for organizing this successful event. A Big Congratulations to all the Winners!!



CH Top Hat’s Surfin’ The Islands BN RE – Mary Mcelwee & Debra Hopkins


Windchymes N Tripawd’s Lunar Gravity NSD – Kristi & Charles Salse


CH Sanbar’s Truth Be Told JH NAJ NSD V – Louise Brady


Ch. Sanbar’s Truth Be Told JH, OA, NAJ, V “Squeak” owned by Louise Brady, on July 4th, at Southern California Collie Club trial, qualified in Open Jumpers with a score of 95 and 1st place for the 2nd leg. On July 9th at Samoyed Club of LA, Squeak qualified in Open Standard with a score of 95 and 1st place for her 3rd leg and a new OA title!



Woof, Woof, Woof — QUIET!

By Anne Taguchi

Weimaraners are not really a barky breed per se, but they are usually very good watch dogs, which most of us desire and appreciate. They can also be very demanding and they get bored easily (sound familiar? :-) ) — a recipe for recreational barking. The training problem here is that we want conflicting things out of our Weims — barking to keep the house safe is desired, but recreational barking is not. The best solution to this dilemma is to teach a “quiet” command. It gives your Weim the latitude to bark, but he must be quiet (or shut the *%^&@ up, depending on the circumstances, eh?) when you command him to.


Here’s how you do it:

  • Get some soft treats.  Cheese is good, but you can use anything your dog likes that is somewhat chewy.
  • Do something to get your Weim to bark, like ringing the doorbell.
  • After he barks a couple times, be right there with the treat to divert his attention with it. Quickly give it to him while saying quiet” or whatever your command word is.
  • Your Weimaraner really cannot bark and chew at the same time.  Praise him for being quiet.
  • Repeat.
  • Use another prompt to get him to bark and repeat.
  • Start fading the treats away.


A few thoughts, comments and tips:

Your Weimaraner wants to please you, but do not expect him to understand what “quiet” or any other command means without showing him what you want. Treats help facilitate communication. I do not recommend using a spray bottle or a bark collar on your Weimaraner for barking control, unless you have a serious problem with nuisance barking.

If you investigate the source of your Weim’s barking (look out the door or window), this usually helps with the “quiet” command. If you already have the leadership role with your Weim, which you should have (or God help you) then this does help.

I use the word “enough” for my command and taught one of mine to generalize it to mean “stop what you are doing.” This girl is a kiss-aholic. I love it, but others, eeehhhh not so much. I don’t get it either, but there are people in the world that don’t like getting tongued by your dog, so this command has helped in other ways. Training for attention and self-control in general will help you big time with this.

Don’t forget – patience and consistency!  It really is true; they are the keys to successful training


2016 SWC Weimaraner Festival & Conformation Match

Sunday, November 12th at Woodley Park, Van Nuys


Your Membership will lapse if dues are not paid by June 1st!!

*Members please be sure to mail your renewal form with your payment. If you are not able to print out the renewal form (in April Graymatter), please notify Joan Valdezz at Jvalweims@aol.com or 310-373-3060 and Joan will mail you a paper copy. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you will be individually notified when your payment is due. Thank You.  


OBEDIENCE CLASSES (2 entries, 1 qualified)

judge: Ms. Gina Grissom

Open B – GCh Silogram’s Rolls Royce, CDX (GCh Silhouette’s LifeInTheFastLane x Ch Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking) o/ Vickie & Bob Margolis – score 193.5


RALLY CLASSES (2 entries)

judge: Ms Gina Grissom

Advanced B – Ch Top Hat’s Surfin’ The Islands CD RE (Ch Valmar’s Xtra Copy x Ch Top Hat’s Beach Bunny) o/Mary McElwee & Debra Hopkins (score 94)

Excellent B – Ch Top Hat’s Surfin’ The Islands, CD RE (score 98)

SWEEPSTAKES – judge: Ms Leita Estes

BEST IN SWEEPSTAKESValmar N Silogram’s Party Time Luke (GCh Copper Leaf’s Best of Sundays x Ch Valmar’s Olympic Holiday) Joan Valdez & Vickie Margolis

BOS IN SWEEPSTAKESPM’s Fast Pitch Kit At Silverbay (Ch Silhouette’s Fast Ride x PM’s Ridin Dirty) o/Rebecca Gardea & Dawna Miller

AM  SWC SPECIALTY CLASSES– judge: Mr Carl Liepmann

WINNERS DOGCheyenne’s Raising Kane @Tripawd (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x Ch Cheyenne’s Eleventh Hour) o/Alicia Harris & Christine Trujillo (4pts)

RESERVE WINNERS DOGBatista’s Silver Surfer (Ch Kolata’s Surfers Paradise x Ch Nani’s Brecia Pipeline Surfer) o/Kathy Graber

WINNERS BITCHHighpoint’s Hot Topic  (GCH Waltz To The Top V Anson NA OAJ x Ch Top Hat’s Once Upon A Time) oLani Jones & Gary Clarke (4pts)

RESERVE WINNERS BITCHTrax-N-Knight’s Clair De Lune (Snake Breaks Trax Von Reiteralm x Knight-N-Reiteralm Trax Solane) o/Jessica Buckley, Holly McKnight & Shirley Nelsson

BEST OF BREED (11d-12b) - GCh Calvary N Tripawd’s Glass Slipper CGC (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh Camelot’s N Calvary’s Beauty 4 Ashes) o/Alice Holloway

BEST OF WINNERS - Cheyenne’s Raising Kane @Tripawd

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX - GCh Silogram’s Holiday Rush At Tripawd CGC (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed  x GCh Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking CGC) o/Alice Holloway & Mindy Wilson

SELECT DOG - GCh Silveroaks Surfcity Shades Of Grey (GCh Silhouette’s Lifeinthefastlane x GCh Surfcity It Had To Be You) o/Dr Brad & JoAnn Rosenberg & J Logan

SELECT BITCH - Ch Oakpoint N Tripawd’s ShowNTell (Ch Northwoods Applebees Nuttin But Money x Follyhill Winoka APZ ShowOff RN) o/Ray & Debra Lampers & Mindy Wilson

AWARD OF MERIT - Ch Cheyenne N Tripawds Pink Camo and Tiara’s (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x Ch Cheyenne’s  Eleventh Hour) o/Ray & Debra Lampers & Mindy Wilson

AWARD OF MERIT - GCh Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking BROM CGC (Ch Valmar’s Hot Streak OM6 RN UDX3 NSD  x Ch Valmar’s Try To Remember UD) o/Vickie & Robert Margolis

AWARD OF MERIT - Ch Calvary N Tripawd’s Take The Back Road (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed  x  GCh Camelot’s N Calvary’s Beauty 4 Ashes) o/Janelle Chamberlin & Mindy Wilson

BEST PUPPYPM’s Fast Pitch Kit At Silverbay

BEST VETERANGCh Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking BROM CGC

BEST STUD DOG  – GCh Can CH Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed

BEST BROOD BITCHGCh Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking BROM CGC

JUNIOR SHOWMANSHIP – judge: Mr Carl Liepmann

Open Senior - Ch Cheyenne’s Love Bug (Ch Foxfire’s Bohemian Rhapsody x GCH Cheyenne’s Sparks Will Fly) o/ Christine Trujillo & Bailee Rodgers

BEST JUNIOR HANDLER -  Bailee Rodgers w/ Ch Cheyenne’s Love Bug

PM SWC SPECIALTY CLASSES – judge: Nancy Liebes

WINNERS DOGCheyenne’s Raising Kane @Tripawd (3pts)

RESERVE WINNERS DOGMoonstone Appin Knight Games (GCh Camelot’s The Best Of Times II x GCh Moonstone’s Road To Glory) o/Jim & Tanya Kreuz, Holly McKnight & Michael Steward

WINNERS BITCH - Image’s Country Girl Shake It For Me ((Ch Windwalker’s Graeagle CD JH x Image’s License To Speed) o/Cindy James-Moore (4pts)

RESERVE WINNERS BITCHPM’s Fast Pitch Kit At Silverbay (given)

BEST OF BREED (11d -13b) - GCh Silveroaks Surfcity Shades Of Grey (given)

BEST OF WINNERS - Image’s Country Girl Shake It For Me (given)

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX - Ch Oakpoint N Tripawd’s ShowNTell (given)

SELECT DOG - GCh Copper Leaf’s Best Of Sundays (GCh Jewel’s One Wild Night x GCh Diamond MK Flying Fortress BN JH) o/John & Maureen Duffy

SELECT BITCH - GCh Calavary N Tripawd’s Glass Slipper (given)

AWARD OF MERIT – Ch Cheyenne N Tripawds Pink Camo and Tiara’s (given)

AWARD OF MERIT - GCh Sanbar’s Sky’s The Limit (Ch Trax Who Dat Von Reiteralm x Sanbar’s McKenzie Pass) o/ Sandy West

AWARD OF MERIT- GCh Calvary’s I Dug Up A Diamond At Tripawd (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh Camelot’s N  Calvary’s Beauty 4 Ashes) o/Lee Meadows, Ryan Holman, Mindy Wilson

BEST PUPPY – PM’s Fast Pitch Kit At Silverbay (given)

BEST VETERAN – GCh Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking BROM CGC (given)

ongratulations to our SWC Members for placements won at the


 Friday, July 1, 2016

(held in conjunction with Our Specialties and Ventura County DFA)

1st – place Junior dog - CH WINDCHYMES N TRIPAWD’S THEORY OF GRAVITY, b/o Linda & Louis D’Alessandro

4th place Intermediate dog – CH BARRETT AND TOUCHSTONE’S STAR CIRCUS MONKEY, b/ Kim Burnell, o/Jana DeTevis

1st place Junior Bitch – WINDCHYMES N TRIPAWD’S ZERO GRAVITY, b/ Linda and Lou D’Alessandro, o/ Kathy Graber

4th place Junior Bitch – WINDCHYMES N TRIPAWD’S LUNAR GRAVITY JH, b/ Linda & Louis D’Alessando, o/ Charles Salse & Kristi Salse

1st place Intermediate Bitch – CH BARRETT’S STAR ELLIEPHANT ACT, b/o Kim Burnell

2nd place Intermediate Bitch – CH BARRETT ’N STAR’S UNDER THE BIG TOP, b/ Kim Burnell, o/ Louise M Brady

4th place Intermediate Bitch – BARRETT N’ STAR’S FLYING SPECTACLE, b/o Kim Burnell

2nd place Senior Bitch – SILVERSEA’S MOONDANCE GREYOAKS NSD JH, b/ Tereen Roxburg, o/ Rachel Aguilar

1st place Maturity Dog – CH KNIGHT N’ BARRETT’S PIONEER MOUNTAIN MAN, b/ Kim Burnell and Holly McKnight, o/ Kim Burnell

2nd place Maturity Dog – CH SILOGRAM’S SHUT OUT, b/ Vickie Margolis and Bob Margolis, o/ Carina Austin and Vickie Margolis

1st place Maturity Bitch – GCH CALVARY’S I DUG UP A DIAMOND AT TRIPAWD, b/R Holman,M Wilson, o/Lee Meadows,R Holman,M Wilson

4th place Maturity Bitch – CH SILOGRAMS IN THE BALLPARK-WRIGLEY, b/ V & R Margolis, o/ Chris Margolis,Amber Margolis-Madsen,V Margolis


VENTURA COUNTY DFA (7/01/16) judge: Dr Jill Warren (3-11-15-19)
WD     Grayfire’s Wolfgang Klaus (GCH Aldemar ‘N Terra’s Varsity Blues x Grayfire Va Va Voom) Laura and Hayden Shirley (2pts)
WB/BW Silversea’s Moondance Greyoaks (GCh Win’Weims It’s My Grey Goose x Ch  Silversea’s Starlight Dancer) Rachel Aguilar (5pts)
BOB GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey (GCh Silhouette’s LifeInTheFastLane x GCh Surfcity It Had To Be You) Brad & JoAnn Rosenberg& J Logan
BOS ChTop Hat’s Off Catching Fire At Heirloom(Ch Top Hat’s Off Under California Stars x Ch Top Hat’s Private Dancer) Rachel Vitorelo/Debra & Darcey Hopkins 
SEL GCh Calvary N Tripawd’s Glass Slipper (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh  Camelot’s N Calvarys Beauty 4 Ashes) Alice Holloway
SEL GCh Tripawd N Calvarys Courtesy Of Red White & Blue (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh  Camelot’s N Calvarys Beauty 4 Ashes) R Holman,M Wilson
  OH/Gr1          Ch Tripawd N Calvary’s Lil Miss Magic Of Silver Bay (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh  Camelot’s N Calvarys Beauty 4 Ashes) R Gardea,M Wilson,R Holman 
BURBANK KC 7/02/16) judge: Mr Richard Lopaschuk (2-8-11-10)
WD/BW Moonstone Appin Knight Games (GCh Camelot’s The Best of Times II x GCh Moonstone’s Road To Glory) J&T Kreuz,H McKnight,M Steward (4pts)
WB Trax Seventh Sister V Graenit (Ch Graenit’s Double Magnum x Ch Trax Ugly Betty MH CD TD) Esteri & George Hinman (4pts)
BOB Ch Quiksilver Rainbow To Eden (Ch Quicksilver Bet The Max SH x Ch Quicksilver Over The Rainbow MH), Stephanie Horner & Betta Breuhaus
BOS     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
  SEL/OHGr1   GCh Silogram’s Rolls Royce CDX (GCh Silhouette’s LifeInTheFastLane x GCh Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking)  Bob & Vickie Margolis
SEL     Ch Cheyenne N Tripawd’s Pink Camo And Tiara’s (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh  Camelot’s N Calvarys Beauty 4 Ashes) R&D Lampers, M Wilson
BURBANK KC (7/03/16) judge: Mrs Polly Smith(2-6-7-9)
WD     Moonstone Appin Knight Games (1pt)
WB/BW     PM’s Fast Pitch Kit at SilverBay (Ch Silhouette’s Fast Ride x PM’s Ridin Dirty) Rebecca Gardea & Dawna Miller (3pts)
BOB     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
BOS     Ch Cheyenne N Tripawd’s Pink Camo And Tiara’s
SEL     GCh Silogram’s Holiday Rush At Tripawd(GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh Valmar’s Look Who’s Talking) Alice Holloway & Mindy Wilson
  SEL     GCh Calvary”s I Dug up A Diamond At Tripawd (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh  Camelot’s N Calvarys Beauty 4 Ashes) Lee Meadows,R Holman,M Wilson
CHANNEL CITY KC (7/08/16) breed/group: Patricia Trotter  (0-1-1-1)
WB    Highpoint’s Hot Topic (GCH Waltz To The Top V Anson NA OAJ x Ch Top Hat’s Once Uon A Time) Lani Jones & Gary Clarke (nr)
BOB/Gr4    GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
BOS             GCh Aldemar’s Quick To Chaos (Ch Greyoaks Winter Frost x Aldemar’s Over The Rainbow) Walt & Sharon Freshour & Debbie Nusbaum
SANTA MARIA KC (7/09/16) breed: Norman Patton, group: Gloria Kerr (0-1-1-1)
WB     Highpoint’s Hot Topic (nr)
BOB/Gr3     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
BOS     GCh Aldemar’s Quick To Chaos
SANTA MARIA KC (7/10/16) breed: Gloria Kerr,  group: Loraine Boutwell (0-2-2-1)
WB/BOS     Highpoint’s Hot Topic (1pt)
BOB/Gr3     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
SEL     Ch Windchymes N Tripawd’s Theory of Gravity(GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x Ch Windchymes First Break All The Rules RN JH) L&L D’Alessandro
SEL     GCh Aldemar’s Quick To Chaos
CABRILLO KC (7/16/16) judge: Larry Abbott (0-0-0-1)
BOB/OHGr2  GCh Aldemar’s Quick To Chaos
CABRILLO KC (7/17/16) judge: Robert Ennis (0-0-0-1)
BOB/OHGr3  GCh Aldemar’s Quick To Chaos
  DEL MONTE KC 7/16/16) breed: Pluis Davern,  group:Elizabeth “Beth” Sweigart (0-0-1-0)
BOB/Gr2     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
  DEL MONTE KC 7/17/16) breed: Elizabeth “Beth” Sweigart,  group: Pluis Davern (0-0-1-0)
  BOB/Gr4     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
*Flagstaff KC (7/23/16) breed/group: Mary Ellen Macke (0-2-2-0)
BOB/Gr2     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
*Flagstaff KC (7/24/16) breed/group: Dr Gareth Maorgan-Jones (0-2-2-0)
BOB/Gr3     GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
*only wins of Southland dogs are reported at these shows


Dr. Jerry Klein, Chief Veterinary Officer of, AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB

June 27, 2016

Leptospirosis is a disease that affects dogs, as well as many other kinds of animals. The organism that causes leptospirosis is a spirochete bacteria and is found throughout the world. There are a very large number of Leptospira; about 230 of them have been identified.

In the United States, Leptospirosis is in the environment because it is carried in rats, wildlife, as well as domestic livestock. More cases are seen in late summer and fall and often after heavy rainfalls. Leptospira is known to exist in standing water, dampness, and mud. Winter conditions tend to lower the risk because Leptospira do not tolerate freezing temperatures.

Pets can become infected through contact with urine of infected animals such as raccoons, skunks, rats, feral cats, dogs, and other animals. Often, dogs contract the disease by swimming in stagnant water or drinking contaminated water in puddles.


Not all dogs that are exposed to Leptospirosis become visibly ill. In a 2007 study, 25 percent of unvaccinated healthy dogs had antibodies to Leptospirosis. This indicated to researchers that they had been previously exposed to Leptospirosis without their owners noticing a problem.

When Leptospirosis does cause disease in dogs, it tends to be most severe in unvaccinated dogs that are younger than 6 months of age. It takes about 4-12 days after exposure for a dog to start to feel ill.

Signs of illness vary, but usually include lethargy, poor appetite, fever, vomiting, increased thirst or urine production. Jaundice may also be seen. Blood tests will show changes in kidney values or liver and kidney values.

Diagnosis is made through blood and urine tests that look specifically for Leptospirosis. Antibiotics are typically used to treat Leptospirosis; not only can they treat the active infection, but also may prevent dogs from becoming carriers of the organism.


Prevention is best accomplished by stopping your dog’s access to contaminated water. Also, try to sanitize your dog’s environment by eliminating food and garbage to reduce the attraction of rats, raccoons, or feral cats.

Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease. In other words, it is contagious to humans. The most likely way humans contract Leptospirosis is via exposure to dog or rat urine. However, any bodily fluid, including vomit and saliva, can transmit the disease. If your dog is infected with Leptospirosis, it is very important to observe proper hygiene even after he has recovered (wearing protective gloves when cleaning up after your dog, preventing face licking, etc.)

Vaccination for leptospirosis is an option to consider if your dog is at high risk of contracting the disease. The American Animal Hospital Association considers Leptospirosis a “non-core” vaccine for dogs. That is, they do not recommend it unless there is a good chance your dog will be exposed to Leptospirosis. The efficacy of the vaccine is variable: short lasting or limited. There have been reports of reactions to the vaccine that vary from minor to severe.

Vaccination does not always prevent infection, but it tends to make the disease much milder if infection occurs. There is the potential for vaccinated dogs that do become infected to become long term carriers of Leptospirosis. Some long-term carriers have more frequent incidence of reproductive failure and stillbirths.

As with all vaccinations, you should discuss the vaccine for leptospirosis with your veterinarian. This decision will be based on you and your dog’s life style, if your community is experiencing cases of Leptospirosis, and the other pros and cons your veterinarian has experienced with the vaccine.