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May 1 Lake Mathews KC, Chino
May 7/8 Rio Hondo KC, Pomona (2)
May 12 SWC Membership Meeting, Santa Monica
May 20 San Francisco Bay Weimaraner Club Specialties, Vallejo (2)
May 21/22 Coyote Hills KC, Vallejo (2)
May 21/22 Mt. Palomar KC, Valley Center (2)
May 27 Antelope Valley KC, Pomona
May 28 San Fernando KC, Pomona
May 29 San Gabriel Valley KC, Pomona
May 30 Los Encinos KC, Pomona
May 31 WCA National Welcome Party, Warwick, RI
June 1 WCA Top Twenty Invitational, Warwick, RI
June 2 WCA Eastern Futurity/Maturity, Warwick, RI
June 2/3 WCA National Specialty, Warwick, RI
June 4/5 KC of Pasadena (Cancelled)
June 9 SWC Board Meeting, Northridge
June 18/19 Bahia Sur KC of Chula Vista, Valley Center (2)
June 24 KC of Beverly Hills, Long Beach
June 25 Long Beach KC, Long Beach
June 26 So Calif Sporting DF, Long Beach
June 30 SWC Specialties, Ventura (2) – CLICK HERE FOR THE PREMIUM LIST


Thursday – May 12, 2016

El Torito Mexican Restaurant, 3360 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica

Dinner 7:00pm – Meeting 8:00pm


Your Membership will lapse if dues are not paid by June 1st!!

*Members please be sure to mail your renewal form with your payment. If you are not able to print out the renewal form (in April Graymatter), please notify Joan Valdezz at Jvalweims@aol.com or 310-373-3060 and Joan will mail you a paper copy. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you will be individually notified when your payment is due. Thank You.  


*San Mateo KC (3/24/16)  judge: Dr Ronald Spritzer (0-0-2-2)
BOB GCh Knight N Barrett’s Pioneer Mountain Man(GCh Camelot’s Heildelberg Maxi million Von Reiteralm x Ch Axel N Reiteralm’s Gun Run Gal Friday JH)Kim Burnell 
*San Mateo KC (3/25/16)  judge: Carol Spritzer(0-1-1-2)
*Oakland KC (3/26/16) judge: Ekarat Sangkunakup (2-1-3-2)
  BOB GCh Knight N Barrett’s Pioneer Mountain Man 
*Oakland KC (3/27/16) judge: Lewis Bayne (2-1-3-3)
  BOB GCh Knight N Barrett’s Pioneer Mountain Man
*Arrowhead KC (3/25/16) breed/group Dr Karen Ericson (3-3-2-2)
WB Tripawd N Calvary’s Lil Miss Magic at Silver Bay (GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x GCh  Camelot’s N Calvarys Beauty 4 Ashes) R Gardea,M Wilson,R Holman (1pt)
BOB/Gr2 GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey (GCh Silhouette’s LifeInTheFastLane x GCh Surfcity It Had To Be You) Brad & JoAnn Rosenberg & J Logan 
*Scottsdale DFA (3/26/16) breed/group: Carol Tobin-Murray (1-4-2-1)
WD Windchymes N Tripawd’s Theory of Gravity(GCh Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed x Ch Windchymes First Break All The Rules RN JH) L&L D’Alessandro (nr)WB/BW     Tripawd N Calvary’s Lil Miss Magic at Silver Bay (2pts)
BOB/Gr4 GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
*Scottsdale DFA (3/27/16) breed: Faye Strauss (0-1-2-1)
  WB Tripawd N Calvary’s Lil Miss Magic at Silver Bay (nr)
 BOB GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
*Silver State KC (4/02/16) breed: Eva Berg, group: Vicki Abbott (0-0-2-1) 
  BOB/Gr3 GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
*Silver State KC (4/03/16) breed: Larry Abbott, group: Dr. Gerard Penta (0-0-2-0) 
  BOB/Gr2 GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
*Kern County KC (4/03/15) judge: Houston Clark (0-0-2-0)
 Apple Valley KC (4/09/16) judge: Kathryn Cowsert (0-0-1-0)
 BOB GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
 Apple Valley KC (4/10/16) judge: Greg Anderson (0-0-1-0)
 BOB GCh Knight N Barrett’s Pioneer Mountain Man 
 Conejo KC (4/21/16) judge: Susan St John Brown (0-1-1-2)
 WB Goode Knight’s Dream Catcher (GCh Valmar’s Olympic Spirit x Ch Target’s Goode Knight Sweet Dream CGC) Jordan Dickson (nr)
 BOB GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
 BOS GCh Aldemar’s Twentieth Century Fox (Ch Bzyfeet American Idol x Ch Aldemar’s Quick To Chaos) Walt & Sharon Freshour 
 SB Ch Pulali’s Pashley Poppy (GCh Win’Weims It’s My Grey Goose x GCh Rosewin Classic Schwin Of Anson)  Laura Hightower
 Conejo KC (4/22/16) judge: James Brown (0-3-1-2)
 WB Tripawd N Calvary’s Lil Miss Magic at Silver Bay (1pt)
 BOB GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
 BOS           GCh Aldemar’s Twentieth Century Fox 
 SB Ch Pulali’s Pashley Poppy
 Angeles Canyon DC (4/23/16) judge: Suzanne Dillin (1-4-2-2)
 WD/BW My Boy Blue Forever Essen (Gunther Von Forever Essen x Heidi Forever Essen) Rebecca Harper-Gardea (2pts)
 WB Tripawd N Calvary’s Lil Miss Magic at Silver Bay (2pts)
 BOB GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
 BOS Ch Pulali’s Pashley Poppy
 SD Ch Windchymes N Tripawd’s Theory of Gravity
 SB GCh Aldemar’s Twentieth Century Fox
 Angeles Canyon DC (4/24/16) breed: Dr Alvin Krause, group: Norman Patton (0-3-2-2)
 WB Tripawd N Calvary’s Lil Miss Magic at Silver Bay (1pt)
 BOB/Gr3 GCh SilverOaks SurfCity Shades of Grey
 BOS GCh Aldemar’s Twentieth Century Fox
 SD Ch Windchymes N Tripawd’s Theory of Gravity
 SB Ch Pulali’s Pashley Poppy
*only wins of Southland dogs are reported at these shows



Silogram’s Naughty N’ Nice – Vickie & Bob Margolis


GCH Top Hat’s Hollywood Canteen At Mandm JH MX MXB MXJ XF T2B2 NRD VX – Michael Fields & Stephanie Schuster


In the final tally for 2015 –  GCh Silogram’s Rolls Royce, CDX owned by Bob & Vickie Margolis, was #2 Obedience dog (QUO system) and #13 in Breed Conformation for the year, earning him a spot to be invited to compete in the Top 20 Competition at the WCA National in May. Not bad for not showing at all in obedience for over 1/2 the year, and for showing on a very limited basis in conformation! So proud! Way to go Royce!

Ch Top Hat’s  Surfin’ The Islands, BN, RE  owned by Mary McElwee & Debra Hopkins, at the Orange Empire Dog Club on 
January 30, 2016, scored a 178 and 1st place in Novice B Class.

Barrett’s Lady Grey owned by Erin Smith & Kim Burnell, at the Desert GSP Club on January10-18, 2016 won a 2nd place out of 8 starters on the Open Dog stake.

Windchymes N Tripawd’s Lunar Gravity NSD “Paisley” is now a New JH!! She earned her 4th leg of her Junior Hunter title at the German Wired Haired Pointer Club of Northern California Hunting Test on Saturday April 2 at Hastings Island, Rio Vista.  Paisley is 100% owner trained & handled by Charles! Paisley will now move on to SH training with Charles & the Show ring with her breeder Linda!!!  Paisley is out of JD x Oakley. Owners are Charles & Kristi Salse, breeders Linda & Lou D’Alessandro.



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Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) for natural flea control


Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an all-natural flea control remedy that works to dehydrate adult fleas. When applied to the animal’s environment, as well as the animal itself, it is as effective as chemical alternatives. While chemical flea treatments are made up of poisons, diatomaceous earth works naturally to rid a pet of fleas.

What It Is: Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder made from diatomite, the crushed, fossilized remains of a marine algae called a diatom. Food grade diatomaceous earth is used among farmers as a wormer, to rid animal feed of insects and as a nutritional supplement.

How It Works: DE, when used in flea prevention, cuts holes in the flea’s body as it moves across it, and as this happens, the fleas leak water which the diatomaceous earth absorbs. Because of this, the fleas dehydrate and die.

Types of Diatomaceous Earth: One formulation, containing crystalline silicate, is commonly sold for use in pools. This is not safe for use around animals or humans. DE for flea control should be USDA food-grade certified.

Considerations:  When an animal or area that has been treated with diatomaceous earth gets wet, the efficiency of DE drops. Therefore, animals or bedding treated with DE should be kept as dry as possible.

Diatomaceous Earth vs. Chemical Flea Control: In tests performed by the USDA, as well as consumer trials, diatomaceous earth has shown to be just as effective as chemical insect control. Safety Considerations: When applying DE to large areas, such as a pet’s sleeping area, a dust mask and goggles are recommended. If diatomaceous earth is applied directly to the animal, care should be taken to avoid any mucous membranes (eyes, ears, nose) that may become irritated.

How to Treat a Flea Infested House With Diatomaceous Earth

A variety of flea treatments are available on the market, but those looking for an all-natural approach should consider using diatomaceous earth to eliminate their flea problem. Diatomaceous earth is made from finely ground fossilized shells. When the fleas eat the substance, they act as razor-sharp crystals, causing the fleas to dehydrate and ultimately die. Safe to use around children and pets, diatomaceous earth is an effective, earth-friendly way to control your flea infestation in and around the home.

Purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth from the hardware, feed store or home improvement store.  Be sure to pick up the powdered form. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth powder around windows, doorways and baseboards. You only need to sprinkle enough of the powder to leave a dusting. Sprinkle the powder on your carpets and rugs, as well, rubbing them in with your hands. Vacuum all areas in which you applied the product after three or four hours to remove the powder and any fleas that may have died.

Repeat the process two or three more times, two or three days apart, to fully eliminate the fleas in the home. While the fleas are in your home, they will likely lay eggs, which the diatomaceous earth will not affect. In order to kill the fleas that hatch from the eggs, you will need to treat your house again about 10 days after the initial treatment in order kill all of the stages of the flea life cycle.

Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth all over your outdoor environment as well. If your home has fleas, chances are your yard has them, as well. Apply another treatment to the ground about 10 days after the first treatment in order to kill the fleas that have hatched from their eggs. Some people spread diatomaceous earth directly on their pets, essentially using it as a flea powder. If you do this, be aware of the potential risks. Since it is a drying agent, diatomaceous earth can dry out your pet’s skin. It can also be irritating to the eyes and lungs. Make sure you are using “food grade” diatomaceous earth if you want to try it on your pet.


via Calif GSP Rescue

Recent studies in the U.S. and the U.K. have produced significant evidence to support very limited use of vaccines in dogs and cats.  Current recommendations are as follows:

Dog’s and cat’s immune systems are mature by four to six months of age.  The most conservative vaccine schedule would include puppy shots and a final one year booster.

The “puppy shot combo” is good for at least eight years and should not be repeated for the life of the dog (or cat).  I use the four month maturity cut-off for my own dogs with no booster as per Dr. Schultz. (School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Do not re-vaccinate your dog (or cat) with core vaccines.  The bordatella vaccine has shorter (9-12 months) duration.  It is required for boarding although there is little evidence that it will be effective in warding off infection.  Use only the nasal application.   If your dog gets “kennel cough”, it is generally mild and self-limiting and does not respond to medication, much like the common cold.

Rabies vaccines are required every three years although they last more like 7 to 10 years. A current challenge is in progress in hopes of bringing the law into line with current vaccine research. http://www.rabieschallengefund.org/

Other vaccines available but not recommended due to adverse effects and/or lack of effectiveness are: Lyme vaccine,  Coronavirus,  Giardiasis,  and Rattlesnake envenomation.  (Home School of Veterinary Medicine UC Davis).

There are many harmful effects of over vaccination, including: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (usually fatal), Brain and nervous system damage, Encephalitis, Vaccine induced cancers,  Anaphylactic shock (massive allergic reaction),  Epilepsy and seizures,  Behavioral problems; anxiety or aggression and Allergies.

These and other adverse effects are being reported from studies compiled by Catherine O’Driscoll canine-health-concern.org.uk We came across an article about the new drug ProHeart 6 that is being prescribed for heartworm prevention.  A 6 year old healthy dog named Jack died unexpectedly after receiving the drug ProHeart 6.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your veterinarian about your questions and concerns of over vaccinating.  It could not only extend the lifespan of your dog, but save it’s life.